Know How to Recover Files on Windows 7:

Windows 7 is the latest release of Microsoft Windows. Windows 7 comes with an advancement in the new technologies like touch, hand writing, speech etc. As time is evolving more and more people are seen using Windows 7 on their laptops and personal computer.

You might have come across situations where you had connected your storage media such as pen drive, memory card to your personal computer which has a Windows 7 OS installed on it and carrying out a data transfer. While the process was carried out smoothly a sudden power surge caused interruption to it. On restarting your system you found that all the files have gone missing and don’t have a back of them. What can be done now? How to restore files on Windows 7? The only solution is opting for a recovery tool. When it comes to purchasing a tool you would like to opt for the best one which gives you an accurate result worth your money and one of such tool is here i.e. File Recovery software. Download the free demo version of software provided for your Windows 7 PC and purchase it if you are satisfied with the result.

Here are some scenarios of data loss from Windows 7 PC:

  • File get accidentally deleted or formatted by users by pressing delete or shift delete key
  • The malware attack your system from various means and infects the file stored on your internal and external devices on your Window 7 system and cause their loss.
  • When you are transferring your files from one device to other if a interrupt occurs due to many reasons it may affects your files and cause its loss.
  • While carrying out a defragmentation process if it gets interrupted it causes your files to become inaccessible or we may lose them completely from your hard drive.
  • The third party tools installed on your Windows 7 PC make use of the files from your storage media and accidentally end up deleting them.

Windows File Recovery utility helps you in understanding how to restore files on Windows 7 from your storage devices fast and accurately.

File Recovery tool is a flexible and flawless tool which is well designed to identify and recover any type of files from your storage media connected to your Windows 7 operating system. This tool performs deleted image recovery, documents, power point presentation files from your hard drives, USB, iPods etc.

In addition, it can perform memory card file recovery from SD card, XD card and MMC card. The “Save Recovery Session” feature in this tool helps you to save your scanned results for future use. Sometimes you may reformat your disk to convert the file system from one to other without taking proper back up. With the assistance of this software you can restore reformatted hard drive data. This tool also supports many versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 etc. other than Windows 7 operating system.

Know how to restore files on Windows 7 using the following steps:

Step1: Download and install the application on your Windows 7. After installation completes run the tool and select “Recover Files” option from the first window.

File Recovery Tools- Main Screen

Step2: On the second screen select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option, it provides you with a list of storage device; select the appropriate drive from which you can perform lost file recovery with ease.

File Recovery Tools - Select the drive

Step3: After scan it provides you with a list of files retrieved. Purchase the product and restore your files back.

File Recovery Tools - Preview screen